Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi Tattoo

One of the biggest tasks that require dedication in the decoration of a building is the use of koi fish. Starting from the point where you ensure the pond is clean to the longevity of the fish, it's obvious this task needs a lot of commitment. On a higher level of dedication is the koi tattoo.

In modern times, getting tattoos has become a trendy issue and the demand has gone over the roof. A lot of young people have tattoos. It has been observed that the tattoo industry records over $2 billion annually. Hence, with the fame of the koi in recent times, the increasing demand for the koi tattoos does not come as a surprise.

One visible way to personalize your look is by inking a tattoo on your body. Ensure that what is drawn on your body is a mirror of your desire. Below you will find some wonderful tips about koi fish tattoos.

Know Your Koi

Prior to getting a new tattoo, create time to understand what a koi tattoo stands for. Koi can be described as the earliest forms of fish. The origin of their archeological traces goes beyond a lot of centuries. This fish can be described as a monumental fish as it is one of the first set of aquatic creatures to be discovered.

Contrary to popular opinion that this fish is related and originated in Japan, this fish can trace its origins to Central Asia. At this point onwards, this aquatic creature became an edible thing for man.

The name given to the fish can be traced to China around 500 BC. Coincidentally, according to Chinese legend, one of the sons of Confucius was presented a fish with the same name at this period. Koi got to Japan as a result of Chinese invaders. Since then, the Japanese have taken over the art of breeding Koi fish.

When 'koi' is directly interpreted to English, it means 'carp' hence the origin of the name carp fish. It should be noted that Koi can be said to possess symbolism despite the simple meaning.

The word 'koi' is carved out of the Japanese nomenclature, 'nishikigoi.' The fish have different colors, and their scales are certified with attractive designs. In modern times, Koi fish are mainly used as pets, and some fish shops only deal in koi fish. It is indeed true to say that the cost of keeping koi fish alive is high.

A popular choice as regards selecting a design for a tattoo is the koi fish. This is not surprising because the beauty and varying shades of the fish draw the awe of a lot of individuals. Both genders are head over heels with this fish.

The energetic characteristics of a koi fish, especially when it is in its natural habitat endears a lot of people to the fish. Another reason that can be attributed to the popular love for koi fish is the symbolism attached to the fish; some of which includes power and wealth. As a result of the symbolism attached to the fish, it has been described as "living jewels," it is attached with much importance and known worldwide.

The personality you want to portray should be the major determinant of the Koi fish tattoo design you want. Naturally, the koi fish was dark greyish-brown carp, but along the line, different colors came to bear as a result of breeding. This also affected the arrangement of scales and patterns. The koi fish goes beyond being just a fish or a symbol of strength. This ancient fish has become a very popular tattoo design in modern times.

The Koi Fish symbolizes Strength, Love, Ambition, Prosperity, Organization, Tenacity, Masculinity, scaling difficulties and good fortune.

Significance of each color

The different colors don't just inspire creativity in tattoo artists, they depict a deeper meaning. Your choice of color however does not change what it depicts. Be it a bright or dull color, there is often a more spiritual meaning to it. One may decide to go for the original white or black, combining with a few shades to add beauty to it. Whatever your choice, there is more to each style than meets the eye.

Red – The color red is often regarded as a matriarchal or mother koi, expressing love and strong emotions or feelings. When combined with shades of orange, it depicts the mother while red with the color pink symbolizes the daughter.

Black – Black symbolizes the fatherly role or patriarch. It depicts the father who is the head of the family. The color black also stands for surpassing challenges and difficulties.

Blue – Blue, another color depicting calm, peace and tranquility, just like white, is a hue symbolizing family and reproduction. Being a masculine color, it stands for the son of the family.

White – The Color white in combination with red symbolize different things. Now, a white Koi having the red color marked on its head symbolizes success. But a white koi marked with red around its lips depicts patience in romantic relationships or marriage.

Gold or Yellow – It stands for glamour, wealth, growth in business, and glam.

Making the right choice of a Koi Color Pattern suitable for your skin type

Choosing your Koi design can be a very exciting and intriguing thing to do. You are sometimes expected to imagine the Koi tattoo's color shade on your skin, if it suits the tone or not. To get the best, choose colors with matching hues, bringing them to life on the skin. The big question however should be, 'How will it look on my skin? People tend to overlook the necessity of this.

Picking the best colors supersedes other factors to be considered in your tattoo's placement. This is because most often, what plays out to the tattoo artist is just drawing ink on the skin. It differs with skin type, be it a pale, fair or dark skin though. Why is it so important? You should take into reasonable consideration the peculiarities with your skin as skin reactions to the ink shades differ. Also, its duration and uniqueness comes into play here.

Relevant Points to Remember

The visibility of your tattoo isn't dependent on the shade of the tattoo being lighter or darker than your skin. The pigment in skin, Melanin has a significant role in determining the outcome of the shades with your undertone. The colors Red and violet fit well with fair skin, while colors like green, bright blue and orange compliment medium or tanned skin. White hue can also go for fair skin.

Consider the variations in color pigments; this might come as a surprise to non-tattoo nerds. Different hues and shades can complete a general look in a full color spectrum. Shades with the most complex variations are mostly blue, black and gray. Designing a Koi fish tattoo requires vibrancy, calmer shades only apply if you want to avoid visible shades but need color.

One may ask why this should be put into consideration before doing a tattoo, be it the Koi tattoo or any tattoo at all. Several cases have emanated where people decide to make one or two changes on Koi tattoo after many years. This may even mean opting for a design that requires a different shade.

The visible pigments, usually warm hues as green, yellow, orange do not go off by laser tattoo removal. They are resistant to it. You are often advised to go for colors that won't bother you if they lose their intensity with time. White, being the safest shade to use often requires touch up from time to time.

The Significance of the Koi Fish's Orientation

Even if it’s just one or two looking in opposite directions, or numerous koi fish with tropical foundations, one thing is sure about the varying patterns of koi fish; it will narrate your desired story. Hence it is paramount that the koi tattoo you choose carries the message of who you are.

The Significance of the Koi Fish's Orientation

Even if it’s just one or two looking in opposite directions, or numerous koi fish with tropical foundations, one thing is sure about the varying patterns of koi fish; it will narrate your desired story. Hence it is paramount that the koi tattoo you choose carries the message of who you are.

Koi Fish with Cherry Blossoms

The combination of these two outstanding elements produces nothing but a masterful artwork. The Cherry blossoms depict the frailty and beauty of life; hence, we can say the inclusion of this aesthetic element to Koi fish signifies a positive outlook on life. Koi fish with cherry blossom tattoo is sending the message that one should seek freedom and accept reality. 

In paintings, the importance of these two elements has been exposed to a lot of people. A story can actually come with your desired koi tattoo. Regardless of the design, you decide to add to increase the beauty of your tattoo, understand the underlying story of the style first.

Ideal location: the most recommended spot for the tattoo is the one at the back which sits slightly above the butt cheeks. When done on the chest region, this design appears really girly.

Swimming Koi Fish Upstream

This tattoo sends a really strong message as it translates to have the capacity to surmount your ongoing life struggles or when you have achieved a feat that looks unattainable and the ability to carry on.

Ideal location: The beauty of this design is that it can be placed anywhere on the body and it will look superb. Most people tattoo this on like a sleeve tattoo as it is on their back, hips, and thighs for ladies.

Swimming Koi Fish Downstream

This design probably can be translated into two ways. Firstly, you are incapable of surmounting your current struggles, but you are making an attempt. While it can also mean you are a conqueror and your battle days are over.

Ideal location: this tattoo can also be placed anywhere on the body like the upstream design; however, it looks most attractive on the lower leg.

Swimming Koi Fish In Opposite Directions

This is a striking resemblance of the zodiac sign of Pisces. In the beginning, the Yin-yang depicts swimming at the same time towards different spots, counteracting one another in unity. A notion is a tangible form of an idea of the establishment of an ideal equilibrium of the opposite faction of things. Arguably, this style is the one that people relate to in this present time. 

Ideal location: This is arguably the most used. The ideal spot is the upper arm.

Koi Swimming up A Waterfall

This tattoo design is associated with persistence until one achieves a feat. This is the design mostly proffered to adventurers, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Ideal location: This is based on your point of view. You can place it on the upper thigh, and triceps when looking from the horizontal view.

Koi Fish with Samurais

A flamboyant koi design can be done in numerous manners. The symbolism attached to the blend of a Samurai and Koi makes people view this design as the best for men. It means manliness, respect, and self-restraint. In addition, it also depicts the delicacy of life and death.

Ideal location: this design is customarily inked on the sleeve or back completely.

Koi Fish with Lotus Flowers

Lotus blossoms hold a gigantic meaning in many societies. It is mostly an image of resurrection. Fusing Lotus blossoms with Koi tattoo characterizes your capacity to develop in the mud ascend from the dimness of life and transform into a good person.

Ideal location: the best spot to ink this design is on the back, and the lower leg.

Koi Fish with Water Waves

The Koi fish with waves is a tattoo design that is truly common in Japanese craftsmanship. When you are looking for an element that depicts power and destruction, the wave is the right element. Notwithstanding how strong the wave is, when joined with Koi, it depicts endurance and surmounts the brutality of life.

Ideal location: They look truly well on the inward arm bicep for men. They also look wonderful when drawn on the lower abdomen of ladies. The Koi tattoo with water waves looks similarly alluring after putting on the leg.

Koi Fish with Dragons

Characteristics ascribed to these mythical beasts are astuteness, riches, and strength. What's more, the fish in this scenario is depicting solid will and persistence, this tattoo design depicts the willingness to serve and protect.

Ideal location: this design is perhaps the perfect full-sleeve and full-back tattoo for both male and female. It also looks beautiful when drawn on the wrist and feet.

Koi Fish with Geishas

This design is a classic one, and it is recognizable because of the density of the tattoo as it occupies a large portion of the body. This design is ideal for men as it depicts the mystery and movement of life. This design stands for fertility, and it is often related to red. 

Ideal location: this design is best suited for the sleeve and back of men. This is not to say it is not for women; the oblique is a good place to draw for the female folks.

Getting the Tattoo

The location you want the tattoo to be placed is based on the reason for getting a tattoo in the first instance. Are you getting it to show off or you want to keep it personal? The most popular spot for koi tattoo on the body includes the upper arm, the back, and the shoulder blades. 

In recent times, people have started inking their Koi tattoos on other parts of their body aside from the shoulder and the back. Interestingly, these tattoos are designed on the lower legs, ribs and arms of people, commonly the male folks.

Talking to friends that have inked their bodies and really find it delightful is a good method to look for a good artist.

Regardless of the source of inspiration, sketch your desired style. Fix a meeting with the artist and talk about your goal and reason for getting a tattoo. Your artist commences his/her duty once you provide the rough drawing, and all you have to do for that moment is to make an initial deposit.

Finally, the day you have been waiting for has arrived. Based on the design you want, you may need to go back several times for your tattoo to be finished. Take a chill pill and watch the work of beauty take its course.

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