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Pond and Water Garden Tip of the Day - Free Website Content

FREE Website Content

You will now be able to offer your site visitors a new "Water Garden" tip each and every day just like the one shown here (to the right) in just 5 minutes.

Pond and Water Garden Tip of the Day - Free Website ContentFresh content served up on a daily basis is a tremendous draw for your website, and what more universally appealing topic than Koi and Water Garden Tips.

By adding our free content to your site you will provide greater depth for your visitors to explore and give them reasons to keep coming back. An excellent way of adding interest to your website.

We offer both html and php solutions.  So you can now choose which type of delivery you wish to best suit your needs. 

If you are unfamiliar with php, then simply chose the html solution. 

In either case all you need to do is select the code, copy and paste it into your page where you want the content to appear.

There will NEVER be any advertising in any of the tips.  Simply a link back to this site, so people can find a Koi Club.  All we ask in return is that you only use this service on a family-oriented site, and that you do not modify the code in any way.

We have been asked if this content can be used on a commercial website, and the answer is "Yes!" 

These tips are designed to add content that changes, and also content that can help benefit the hobby.  We have edited all of the tips to exclude any advertising, or mention of specific brands.  Our intention is to remain true to the hobby. 

All the "Tips" are the generous contributions of our many members, who have gladly shared their knowledge, so that others might benefit.

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